Small Groups

St Chad’s has a number of diverse small groups, reflecting our inter-generational church and fast-changing culture!

We are currently in a phase of reviewing and re-launching groups.

If you aren’t yet in a group, contact Jan in the church office on 0161 430 4652!

Despite the diversity of our groups, each has the following three core values at its heart:

Love – to create safe environments of acceptance, kindness and grace, where people are free to be honest, where unconditional love is offered and where there is a vision for one another’s transformation. In this context, trust will grow and people can pray for one another in a way that brings life.

Spiritual growth – to study the bible together, challenge and encourage one another to grow in maturity, and be a place where God-given gifts are recognised and nurtured. We empower one another to be a blessing in work, family and every place we spend the rest of our lives.

Interact with heaven – As well as meeting with one another, we want to meet with God through worship, intercessory prayer and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit together. The desire is to bless God, hear Him speak, and to pray together in a way that will impact the people and places that matter to Him.