Here are some of our latest sermons, available for you to download free of charge.

Date Speaker Sermon Title Sermon Notes
11/03/2018 Geoff Walton Silence and Solitude -
25/02/2018 Beth Pritchard Praying Scripture -
04/02/2018 Ken Earith Psalms: Protect Us -
21/01/2018 Richard Pennystan Psalms: Defeat Them Sermon Notes
07/01/2018 Richard Pennystan Intro to Our Year of Prayer Sermon Notes
03/12/2017 Jamie Pritchard Jesus – The Light of the World: John 8:12-20 -
19/11/2017 Graham Dow Suprised by God: John 7:40-53 -
12/11/2017 Richard Pennystan How do we recognise Jesus? -
05/11/2017 George Edwards Can this be The Christ? John 7:25-39 -
22/10/2017 Graham Dow Words of Offence or Words of Life: John 6:60-71 -