Connection Hubs are gatherings of up to around 50 people who will meet together for fun, food, getting to know each other better and going deeper together with God.

The best way to find out more (or to find out anything!) is to view one of our two videos. Our two-minute intro can be viewed here and Richard’s vision for St Chad’s and hubs can be seen here.

We’d love to know if you’re coming along for the first time (no need to let us know if you’re already involved!)

Spring and summer dates are as follows:

Monday Mornings (9.30 am Guywood)                                 Wednesday Evenings (7.45pm Lifecentre)

April 9th                                                                                      April 11th

May 14th                                                                                     May 9th

June 11th                                                                                      June 13th

July 9th                                                                                        July 11th

Tuesday Evenings (7.45pm Lifecentre)                                   Weekend Hubs (5-7pm, Guywood)

April 18th                                                                                     April 21st  (Saturday)

May 8th                                                                                        May 20th (Sunday)

June 12th                                                                                      June (tbc)

July 10th                                                                                       July 15th (Sunday)