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Why read the Bible?

Most of us struggle to read the Bible frequently or consistently, and maybe some of us have never really started. Part of the reason this happens is that we don’t fully know why it is important to read it. We just know we should.

At St. Chad’s, we believe that Father God speaks to each of us. He wants us to know Him and for us to grow in relationship with Him. The collection of books that we know as the Bible is one of the ways that we believe God communicates with us today.

And these words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, are written for our benefit. From the creation of the world, through the history of the people of Israel, with prophecy and wisdom, to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the church, God has something to say to each of us.

How to read the Bible?

We lead busy lives. And our lives look very different. Some of us are morning people, others aren’t. Some of us have the luxury of a quiet 30minutes each morning, many of us don’t. However everyone of us can make the time to read the Bible.

There are lots of resources out there to help, and here are three that we hope might make engaging with God daily through His Word slightly easier.


Bible in One Year

320x320Bible in One Year is a great initiative from Holy Trinity Brompton. You can sign up by email or install the app and each day receive 3 portions of Scripture and some brief thoughts and guidance for prayer. As the name suggests by following this plan you get through the entire Bible in one year!

Visit: to subscribe, or visit the app store



Bible Meditations

UnknownIf you struggle to find space in the day to read more than a few sentences, then there are several printed resources available online and in printed edition. We stock a range of meditations – including monthly/three-monthly themed meditations in the Romiley Lifecentre (1-5 Stockport Rd, Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 4BN).


YouVersion Bible App

youversionappYou are probably familiar with using your computer, tablet or phone to provide you with helpful information when you need it.
But have you added the bible to the “helpful information” that is only a click or a tap away?
The YouVersion bible app is a good example.  You can simply read the bible text on screen, but you can also listen to an audio version of the text.
YouVersion has literally hundreds of bible reading plans!  You can go through the whole bible, parts of the bible, explore by theme, explore by book … from one week to one year, you choose what works for you.
Finally you probably have everything you need to get started already.  It is free, and all you need is five minutes of your time to click or tap to download it onto your device (iPhone and android included).  It’s already on over 165 million devices around the world … time for one more?

Happy mobile reading!