Youth at St Chads

What we do

At St Chads we are passionate about young people!

For information about any of the activities listed below, emailĀ


sundays - we do church for youth in 4 different ways

In Church

Once a month we spend the full morning in church worshipping and learning alongside our adult congregation.

During the 11am service in Church

youth church

We meet at the Guywood at 10am for breakfast and a catch up, before starting our own service at 11am. With worship, teaching and Holy Spirit ministry, we take the opportunity to invest time in meeting with God.

10am in the Guywood (back at St Chads for 12:30)

For school years 7 and up


youth cafe

Going out after worshipping with the adults to receive teaching and ministry specifically aimed at what is happening in our lives and focusing on what God is wanting to say to us.

During the 11am service in Church

For school years 7 and up


blended church

Once a month the youth stay in too so that we can all meet with God together as a full family.

During the 11am service in Church

midweek discipleship


TBN shares vision with WIP and seeks to create a space to invest in our realtionships with each other and God, for older teenagers.

Alternate Mondays @ 7:30 - 9:00pm in the Birds House (contact Elle for details)

For Years 10 and up


Get In Touch

If you are new and would like to say hello, or you would just like to get in contact please either:


phone us: 0161 430 4652