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Journey to Hope

Come and experience Journey to Hope with us, from Thursday 1st April through to Easter Sunday 4th April.

This event is open to everyone of ALL ages to come on a worship and prayer experience of creative discovery; exploring the events of Easter, nearly 2,000 years ago and how its themes of love, help, hope and home, still resonate with us today.

You can join in this wonderful journey alone, or with your household bubble.  There will be activities for children to help them to engage.

The tickets are timed to enable social distancing, only ONE ticket per household session is needed, and those visiting on that ticket must be in the same household bubble.  We look forward to seeing you.

There are sessions each day and also an evening session on the Thursday.

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Thursday 1st April

Friday 2nd April 

Saturday 3rd April

Sunday 4th April 


Easter meal

As we look forward to Easter, although we can’t meet all together, we have been creatively looking at how we can celebrate as households and as friendship groups over zoom.

We wanted to create a space to give each other time to think and talk about Jesus and the cross. One of these ideas was to create a way of having our own special Easter Meal inspired by the Passover meal Jesus shared with his friends. So, here is your Easter Meal plan!

We've made 6 short videos for you to watch together with passages to read and simple things to do. You could choose one of your mealtimes over the Easter weekend and intersperse the clips throughout the courses. You could gather with friends over zoom and use the sections to share together and talk about Jesus, or you could use these videos as a guided bible study. (All videos short enough to enable screen share on zoom). The videos are all available to watch on our YouTube Channel in the Easter Meal 2021 playlist 


There’s no advanced preparation needed (though if you are going to do this with a meal you will need to make that!). All you need to do is gather a few glasses, some water, milk, maybe a little bit of chilli, and a sweet drink at you all like – then gather together and press play on the intro video. For those who would like to there is also a pdf menu card you can print out too – but all the prompts you need are on each video as well.

Easter Menu can be downloaded by clicking here

We really hope this helps to make Easter a special time for faith, family and friendship.

God Bless and Happy Easter 


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