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Chads News - 4th July 2024

Dear Church family,

Today’s date, 4th July is one which certainly has our attention as our nation goes to the polls for the General Election. It is also American Independence day, Bishop Graham’s birthday and for me personally the 13th anniversary of the day I was ap-pointed as your vicar! As I drove over the Cow and Calf crossroads on Sunday and saw our spire (& remembered the work which went into restoring it!) it struck me how much has happened in St Chads in the past 13 years. It is always good to take a step back to enjoy the way God is working here and give him thanks, anniver-saries give us an opportunity to do that. This weekend we will be celebrating the 35 year anniversary of Prampushers and the wonderful ways God has worked through the friendships built there.

The summer is a time of a lot of change, we are delighted to welcome Dave, Ra-chel, Daniel and Margaret to St Chads, but we are also saying ‘Thank you’ to Vicky as she comes to the end of her paid role in running our Young Families outreach.

With lots of change, there is a lot to share with you in this edition of Chads News. Our Sunday plans alter slightly over the summer, and we look forward a bit to the autumn too. Although weekly routines may change, we continue to pray through July and so don’t miss this month’s prayer events which are on Weds 10th (1.30pm) and Thurs 18th (evening).

With love,

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