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Chads News - 22nd February 2024

This morning as I read the first chapter of 1 Thessalonians, I noticed how affirming and encouraging Paul is to the churches he wrote to in the opening of his letter.  I’m not in prison in a different country, but when you receive this I’ll be away on holiday, so here goes.
Dear St Chads family,
Richard and Nells, called by God to lead this church, to the beautiful and faithful brothers and sisters in and around Romiley.  Grace and peace to you from God our Father.
When we pause to think about our wonderful Chads family, we rejoice at what God has done and is doing amongst us.  Each of you has come to know the grace and love of Jesus in different ways, but together we know we are God’s beloved.  We are so grateful to be part of a church family of all ages with followers of Jesus of every generation.  We aren’t a perfect family, the prevailing negativity of the world around us sometimes draws us away from the hope that is in Jesus.  But when we see the love we have for one another and the loving community we are building together, a community that loves the community around us, we are so grateful for all you do to serve and pray, so that God’s kingdom may advance here.
Our imperfections don’t derail God’s bigger purpose, because know this, he has forgiven you and we urge you to keep walking the journey of following Jesus.  When you chose to follow him, you turned away from all the actions and thinking of the old life.  Keep walking that way, keep going with your eyes fixed ahead on him.  He is calling us further on and further in to knowing him.  There is something beautiful going on at St Chads right now, as we seek to follow Jesus together, we have much to learn from one another, each generation has received something of God’s life, grace, joy and wisdom and one of the joys of St Chads is sharing that together.  So whatever you’re doing today, do it all for God’s glory, we want to see more people, more like Jesus.
There’s lots to share with you in this week’s Chads news, read on to find out about special events and regular ministries.  As we seek to glorify God, build loving community and follow Jesus together, there are multiple ways you can get involved in the life of St Chads.

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With love,